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Galloway and Sons Funeral Home

Our Beginnings

Galloway and Sons Funeral Directors has a long heritage begining in Bee County in 1919. John Galloway began serving families from his Mercantile Store in Skidmore, Texas, with a slogan, serving families from the cradle to the grave. The Mercantile Store burned for the third time in 1932 and John moved to Beeville.





Inception of Galloway Mortuary

After the burning of the Mercantile Store in 1932 John moved to Beeville and established the Galloway Mortuary. He purchased a two story home that had been built by the Methodist Church for the District Superintendent. He served families from this facility until his death in 1947.





Charles T. Galloway Second Generation Funeral Director

After the death of John Galloway Jr., his son Charles T. Galloway became the Second generation funeral director operating Galloway Mortuary. Charles decided to build a new facility in 1949 and the business continues today from that facility. Charles and his wife Mary Jane operated the funeral home from 1947 to 1975 when they retired and turned the business over to their son and daughter-in-law, John W. and Elizabeth Galloway.


Third Generation Funeral Director

After Charles and Mary Jane Galloway retired and turned over the buisness to John W. and Elizabeth Galloway, John W. became the third generation Galloway to operate the funeral home and under their direction and leadership the firm added another funeral home in Three Rivers, Texas and a Chapel in George West Texas. They also acquired the Beeville Memorial Park Cemetery. John W. is still active as the general manager of the facilities. We celebrated our 92th birthday this year with our slogan, families serving families since 1919. It is our privlidege and honor to serve Bee County, Live Oak County and surrounding communities.


Elizabeth Langley
Born: 1/19/1942
Died: 10/15/2017
Erasmo Moya
Born: 8/20/1961
Died: 10/14/2017
Joe Cox
Born: 12/4/1967
Died: 10/14/2017
Leonard Jones
Born: 4/13/1930
Died: 10/9/2017
Claude Sugarek
Born: 1/29/1929
Died: 10/7/2017
George McCarty
Born: 10/2/1914
Died: 10/6/2017
Annie Cox
Born: 12/3/1931
Died: 10/3/2017
Israel Briones
Born: 1/10/1998
Died: 10/2/2017
John James, Jr.
Born: 4/11/1924
Died: 10/1/2017

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